Orientation Module (2 Weeks)

icon English Writing, Reading and Public Speaking.
icon Information Technology.
icon Etiquette.
icon Service Writing.
icon Introduction to Arms.


Term 1 - Foundation Studies (12 Weeks)

icon Arms and Services.
icon Combat Service Support.
icon Command, Command Support and Decision Making.
icon Doctrine, Operations and War fighting.
icon Intelligence Staff Duties.
icon General Staff Duties.
icon Logistic Staff Duties.
icon Operations of War.
icon Research Methodology.
icon Sri Lanka Studies.


Term 2 - Operations of War (15 Weeks)

icon Air Warfare.
icon Military Assistance to Civil Authorities.
icon Operations of War.
icon International Affairs.


Term 3 - Joint Operations and Operations Other Than War (14 Weeks)

icon Operations Other Than War Including Counter Insurgency (COIN).
icon Management Studies.
icon Maritime Warfare.
icon Strategic Studies.
icon ICRC Workshop on International Humanitarian Law (IHL).
icon Overseas Study Tour.


Term 4 - Management and Technology (7 Weeks)

icon Joint Operations.
icon Management Studies.
icon Military Technology.
icon UN Peace Support Operations.
icon Training for Operations .
icon Security.
icon Administrative Studies.
icon Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Warfare.




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