Defence Services Command and Staff College, the professional Military Educational Institution, prepares Field Grade Officers of all Services (primarily Majors and equivalent ranks in Navy and the Air  Force), Foreign Officers, and Civilians from Civil Administrative Services to assume positions of higher responsibility within the military and other government arenas.  The College's Academic Environment stimulates and encourages free expression of ideas as well as independent, analytical, and creative thinking.


Selection Criteria   

Prospective candidates should have completed a commissioned service of approximately 10 years or more in their respective Services and will have to qualify themselves in the selection examination conducted  by the respective Service.


The Balance Between Education and Training

The terms education and training have different meanings.  Education involves the full development of the individual in all intellectual aspects, whilst training covers the learning and practice of specific, transferable skills.  Both are important and we try to achieve a sensible balance.  The DSCSC sets out to train Officers in basic Command and Staff techniques, but just as important, it aims at helping them to develop the intellectual attributes to cope with their future appointments and the challenges that are inevitable in the years ahead.  By this process, we seek to develop their breadth of understanding and the ability to analyse and evaluate issues in a logical way.


Post-Graduate Approach

The ethos of the course is in keeping with the maturity, experience  and  educational  qualification of its students.  The training philosophy is based on the Tutorial system and founded on the principles of  adult learning i.e.self learning and self-advancement.  Students are made largely responsible for their own work and  are given a considerable time for both preparation and research.



The Staff College course is a residential course which spreads over a period of 50 weeks (eleven and half months) includes activities even during non-working hours.

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