The Army Command and Staff College (ACSC) was inaugurated on 16th March 1998 with the first course consisting of 26 Student Officers. However, the College was officially inaugurated on the 28th of August 1998 by the former President Her Excellency Mrs Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumarathunga on a request made by then Commander of the Army, Lt Gen R De S Daluwatte WWV RWP RSP VSV USP LOM ndc psc.

At the inception, a British Army Training Team consisting of two Lieutenant Colonels was attached, in order to assist the Faculty to formulate a curriculum similar to the British Army Command and Staff College, but with emphasis on our own requirements. They extended a yeomen service from the outset to get our ACSC established, by providing required training material and fine tuning our teaching skills. The faculty was driven through an ‘on the job’ Training Programme.

The ACSC was established with the aim of developing the professional knowledge and understanding of selected Student Officers both in Command and on the Staff, for the Sri Lanka Army. However, a few selected Student Officers from the Sri Lanka Navy and Sri Lanka Air Force too were trained on Army Command and Staff aspects from ACSC Course No 1 onwards. During the 9 years of ACSC (1998-2006), the College produced 253 graduates, of whom 207 were from the Army, 22 were from the Navy, 21 from the Air Force and one from the Police. This was in contrast to 58 ‘Staff Qualified Graduates’ available in the Sri Lanka Army, in the year 1996. The change from ACSC to DSCSC could be perceived as an indication shown from the very inception on the importance of a Joint Services atmosphere. Moreover, the efforts of all military arms was felt imperative to be joint, in order to combat our adversary. Military Operations in an isolation had never paid us required dividends. Furthermore, changing tactics of our adversaries compelled us to revise our doctrines in war fighting, thus setting conditions for a sound ‘Joint environment’.



22nd January 2007 was definitely an important milestone in the history of our Armed Forces, where all military doctrinal and strategic level planning and teachings were brought under one roof, as practiced by many other Armed Forces of the world. To add value to the ceremony, the function was graced by the Secretary to His Excellency the President, Mr. Lalith Weeratunga who was the Chief Guest.

DSCSC Course No 1 commenced immediately after the inauguration ceremony with 36 Student Officers from the Army, 8 Student Officers from the Navy and 10 Student Officers from the Air Force registering for the first course.

The Student Officers from respective Services are functioning under three wings namely Army, Navy and Air, with greater emphasis on Joint Environment.


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