DSC 1580     Exercise GOLDEN SHIELD is the main outdoor Tactical Exercise without Troops (TEWT) conducted at DSCSC in the annual course calendar. The exercise was conducted in general area Dambulla from 02 June 2018 to 07 June 2018. The exercise was designed to practice all Student Officers in the decision making process and producing of written staff work related to Ground, Naval and Air Power application. 

     Exercise provided an ideal joint setting where Army Students worked as Staff Officers of a Division Headquarter, the Air Students represented as air staff planners of the same Divisional Headquarter and Naval Students as Flag Officer Commanding Naval Fleet (FOCNF) and his staff. During the exercise all students got the opportunity to participate air reconnaissance with MI 17 helicopter of SL Air Force. 

     Maj Gen JR Kulatunga RSP ndc psc, Commandant DSCSC and Maj Gen A M R Dharmasiri ndu psc, The Deputy Commandant DSCSC visited the exercise area inorder to witness the activities of the students.







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