Our Aim

To develop the professional knowledge and understanding of selected Student Officers from the Three-services, Sri Lanka Police, Friendly Foreign Countries and other Public Institutions in order to prepare them for appointments on Command and on Staff, whilst imparting knowledge on government procedures and other public sectors.



The  aim  is  met  through  addressing  six  principal  objectives,  which  are  shown  below:

icon Know  and  be  able  to  apply  the  functions  and  techniques  of staff  in  war  and  peace.
icon Know  and  apply  the  principles  and  techniques  involved  in  the  employment  of the respective  Service  and  Armed  Forces  in  general,  during all phases of  operations, in a joint and on individual nature.
icon Know  the  structure, deployment,  roles,  and  interdependence  of  the  Sri  Lankan  Armed  Forces.
icon Understand  how  the  Sri  Lankan  defence  policy  is  formulated  and  the relationship  with  military  doctrine.
icon Analyse  issues  of  national  and  international  importance,  which  influence the  defence  policies  of  Sri  Lanka  and  her  Allies.
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