dscsclogoThe tradition of the 'Wise Old Owl' appears in the legends of King Arthur, where Merlin is described as having an Owl perched on his shoulder. During the Medieval Period, Owls became widely accepted as symbols of learning and in the Middle Age knowledge was vastly vested in the clergy and alchemists. Thus, during this time the Owl became the companion of the wise.

In Roman mythology, ‘Minerva’ is the goddess of War and Wisdom. Her favourite bird was the Owl. Several Staff Colleges have adopted ‘Minerva's Owl’ as their crest. In keeping with tradition the DSCSC too have selected the Owl, the Sri Lankan Fish Owl for the crest.

The motto “සිහි නුවණින් රණ දෙරණට” gives the literal meaning “To War With Wisdom and Knowledge”. The Army, Navy and Air Force is represented by crossed swords on a light orange background, and anchor on a dark blue background and an albatross on a light blue background respectively.The sheaves of paddy on either side of ශ්‍රී ලංකා (Sri Lanka) on the outer circle denotes prosperity. “Defence Services Command and Staff College” is indicated in Sinhala script, “ආරක්ෂක සේවා අණ සහ මාණ්ඩලික විද්‍යාලය”'

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