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Joint War Gaming Centre

The Joint War Gaming Centre of the Defence Services Command and Staff College provides virtual and constructive military simulation support to enhance training and education to the Student Officers.

The centre is well equipped with modern teaching and training facilities comprising of 7 Syndicate Rooms, two Sand Model Rooms, two Mini Auditoriums and DS Office Complex consisting of 24 DS offices.

The two Auditoriums consist of lecture style seating facilities for 122 and 80 students at once in an air conditioned comfort for Army and Air Force Wings respectively.

Extensive Technical equipment including WiFi system, Multimedia facilities, Mini Sound system for each Syndicate and Auditoriums is available at the centre.

IT Facilities


The DSCSC provides internet facilities for the use of student officers and DS to conduct their routine and special assignments. The College LAN covers the entire College. Each individual is issued a personal e–mail address in the College web mail for the correspondence.

The College Learning Management System (LMS) facilitates to work in a paper free environment. DS and students are allocated a user name each. All submissions, circulation of SPGs, lecture notes, weekly programmes and file sharing between DS and student officers are done through the LMS.



There are 3 sections in the library; the Reference Section, Lending Section and the Pamphlet Room. The Reference Section is open daily and contains both general and military reference material and periodicals. The Lending Section is open during weekdays; this is principally a Military Library with a collection of books and periodicals of general interest.    The library is linked to the College website through an automated library system, where the users can search for the availability and reserve any books online.

Main Auditorium


Most central lectures and briefings are conducted in the Main Auditorium, which has modern audio visual aids for the conduct of such activities.


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